25th September 1961

Click here to download a copy of the original legal document that lays down the terms under which the charity operates.

"Application of Income - the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity for the benefit of deserving persons who by reason of age, ill-health, accident, infirmity or straightened financial circumstances are in need of assistance in either or both of the following ways:

In the supply of articles in kind or in grants of money.

In grants in aid of the funds of any institutions or organisations established or to be established for the care and relief of such persons, with a preference for institutions or organisations which are administered in or in connection with the City of London."

The Trustees have interpreted the above by encouraging applications related to ex-offenders and their families. They have noted the preference for a connection with the City of London with some latitude. All grants are made to registered charities that have the structures in place to make appropriate grants to individuals, but excluding medical charities. Charities that have annual income/expenditure greater than 3M will need to be especially deserving or relevant, as will those with substantial reserves.

Registered charity number 205943

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